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Introducing the Candle Code.

The best kind of VIP and membership out there. Cus why.. Your fave candles can now be delivered to your door, without even shopping. You will never be without your fave scents ( or a back up gift) EVER AGAIN, and you only ever have to do it once!

Thank you for my candles. I love your products so much and it feels so great when my house smells lovely x

Steph F.

I'm absolutely obsessed, not only with the product but also with the person!! If you're looking for beautiful candles check out my girl Tara at Ruby Lights Soy Candles!


Loved this Ruby Lights Soy Candle Lemongrass + Persian Lime candle in the @theteacrowd office today. The scent is so delicious I can't get enough of it!

Jodie @theteacrowd