About Ruby Lights

Oh hey, hey! Ruby Lights is me, Tara, the maker, creator, designer and production team behind the brand.

It all began in 2012, making candles as a creative outlet whilst making sense of being a new mum and life needing balance. I have always been creative, and good with my hands but found I really connected with the art of candle making, all the possibilities and especially having it as my creative outlet. It started growing when people started wanting a candle, then another, and more and the word kept on spreading - to eventually I got to the point where I could and needed to make something more from this lil 'outlet'. So on my youngest (Ruby's) first birthday, I launched Ruby Lights. I used her name as part as a somewhat good luck charm to myself and the business. After all, I mostly turned it into a business so that I can work from home to be with them more!

Here we are now, rebranded and a few years later, with our modern, refined industrial edge on candles and more, stocking products in various shops, wholesale stockists and attending regular markets in Perth, Western Australia. 

We love that we are a handmade small business, and are proud in what we do and the products we make. We strive to bring you the "something different" but still luxurious and modern home decor, with the like of The Element and concrete candles as an example.

We appreciate the love and support handmade and local makers get across Australia - so if you love what we do - share us on your socials @rubylightsperth !

With love, light and thanks,

Tara - Ruby Lights