Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are perfect for those wanting to add a beautiful scent to their space, without having to burn a candle. Perfect for small or guest rooms, offices, bathrooms, hallways or doorways where you will be captivated by your chosen fragrance.

Our Reed Diffusers come with 10 black diffuser sticks, and you can have them all or less depending on how strong you want the fragrance to be. 

Each Diffuser set is hand blended only using premium fragrance oils and can last you anywhere between 6-8 months in the new 200ml size!

For an optional and slightly exciting extra, check out our diffuser flowers which can be coloured or plain white, to use instead of the reed sticks. Coloured flowers will start off white, and then change as the oil is absorbed!  Note: each diffuser sold still comes with reed sticks if you choose to buy a flower as well.