Zoom The Candle Code - Pure Essential Oil Blend
Zoom The Candle Code - Pure Essential Oil Blend
Zoom The Candle Code - Pure Essential Oil Blend
Zoom The Candle Code - Pure Essential Oil Blend

The Candle Code - Pure Essential Oil Blend


Introducing the Candle Code. The best kind of Vip and membership out there. Cus why.. Your fave candles can now be delivered to your door, without even shopping. You will never be without your fave scents (or a back up gift) EVER AGAIN, and you only ever have to do it once!

Join us at the CANDLE CODE at Ruby Lights and never look back! Think if it as a cult – but for candles. Obvy that’s the better kind of cult anyway right??

How it works..

BASICALLY! Its up to you!


Choose monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly on when you receive your prods.

Choose your oil blend based on your needs...and if you need them all, well we have created a nice bundle for you.

Our blends are usually $22.00 each - CANDLE CODE PRICE $20.00 per oil.

The option to add extras on with each subscription has also got your back, incase you need a candle too or a diffuser – totally got your back!.....

Candle coders will be sent out their next shipment on either the first or third Monday of each month, so anyone who joins at any stage will receive their box in their own first month!

The candle code will also be the first to trial new scents, and often will receive samples and extra goodies too – I really want to give back to those who support RL and everything we are for!


Our EO blends are also available as a pure and undiluted oil for your ultrasonic diffusers or oil burners! You can add these oils to on your own Blends or uses including adding to your laundry or adding a few drops to a warm bath too. 

The essential range is made up of 3 different blends -

This is our empowering, strengthening, floral blend which has been made to be used for its purposes with the essential oils, or as a natural scent for the goddess within you!Essential oils of rose, geranium, bergamot, jasmine, frankincense and patchouli. Pink rose buds and petals are added for that extra beautiful and luxurious sense.

Essential oils of lavender, rosewood, Mandarin and Ylang Ylang with added Lavender flowers bring you our 02 blend to calm, ground and zen your mind, body and soul. Perfect for relaxing your body and mind ready for bed or those stressful times life can give.

You'll be awakened and alive! We decided on this energetic blend of pink grapefruit, spearmint, lime and lemongrass to perk you up and fulfill those citrus and freshness needs as well. We love using this for motivation, a quick pick-me-up, and our fave citrus bliss yet. 

Choose one or mix it up depending on your wants, needs, emotions and feelings.

-Our essential oil blends are not diluted in this instance, and only contain pure essential oils.

The Candle Code - Pure Essential Oil Blend