All of our fragrances are premium grade fragrance oils that are sourced in Australia from the most trusted suppliers. Our current scent list as follows, find yourself enthralled by our fragrances - there is something for everybody here at Ruby Lights.

Take a squizz and pop some time in your diary to calm yo' farm with us.


Black Raspberry + Vanilla

Top notes of blackberry and raspberry with a light musk and white florals, blended with a strong, classic and clean vanilla. Black Raspberry & Vanilla is a fave scent for most RL fans!

Cashmere Musk

Think Boujee mixed with your best cosy couch blankey. Some have referred to this scent reminiscent of Taylor Swifts Cardigan even, just sayin. Strong aromatic musk is lathered throughout, making you feel like a big cuddle in a candle, with a luxurious cashmere base. Top notes of coconut, and bergamot and a sweet jasmine and floral heart.

Island Escape

Taking you to a secluded beach, sipping away at cocktails with the ocean breeze softly brushing past you as you are chillaxing and forgetting the busy world you live in all behind you. Zesty lime, juicy mandarin and lemon are what you feel first, followed by creamy and delicious coconuts and vanillas with a herbaceous and sandalwood heart.

Japanese Honeysuckle

A vibrant sweet and uplifting floral fragrance that instantly brings a sense of being on top of a cloud of blooms. At first you get a whiff of grape and neroli, and then bright top notes of sweet mandarin and fresh pine needles, which are then carried out by base notes of smooth vanilla, malt, sweet jasmine and cedarwood. 

Lemongrass + Persian Lime

A top seller at Ruby Lights. Natural, fresh and citrusy lemongrass mixed with zesty lime, lemon peel and soft floral tones of rosewood and jasmine. As fresh as a daisy, and the ultimate energy and mood booster for your home and space. 

Lychee Peony

Think exotic florals blended with the sweetness and tartness of the lychee fruit. Also noted with peach, jasmine and rosewood to fulfill the beauty of Lychee Peony. A popular fragrance for the bright, the bold and the beautiful, who love extra bright and energetic fragrances around them.

Pistachio + Caramel

Now this one will make you say "oooo yeah". Pistachio + Caramel is one scrumptiously smooth operator. Base notes of vanilla bean, tonka bean and sandalwood carry this fragrance out strong and the deliciously soft caramel, pistachio and malt mid notes are what make this one a bit schmancy. Top notes of light salt, and sweet oranges give this fragrance a nice little burst amongst all the creaminess. Think your fave body oil laying in the warm sulty sun, a definite new fan fave!

Sandalwood Lavender

Unique woody yet fresh and earthy blend of sandalwood, cedar wood with a lovely lavender bouquet are the main notes in this scent. Calming and grounding middle notes of clary sage, patchouli and rosemary on a spiced malt and vanilla base.

Vanilla Caramel 

Your winter dessert right here! and officially on the RL scent list! Strong, sweet, warming vanilla notes all throughout with splashes of a creamy, buttery, and sultry caramels. We have blended our own form of Vanilla Caramel so you best get your own sample and beat the temptation to eat it!

Summer Collection for 23/24 fragrances are here!

Prosecco + Fruits

Get yo’ bubble on girl! Think bright, think YAAS QUEEN and juicy fruits and think every boujee cocktail with all the fancy trims on. With notes of fresh pink grapefruit, guava, pink champagne, passionfruit with a base of vanilla elderflower and jasmine - Prosecco + Fruits will be the perfect mood and energy raiser all summer long.

Twin Pole

Long live the Aussie summer! We had to bring this one back, and have blended up our very own RL take on the delicious summer must have. This scent takes you right back to your childhood, summer at the beach , with your icey pole dripping down your hand, and if you were lucky you didn’t have to share one half with your sibling! Top notes of pineapple and raspberry with green apple, raspberry and summer fruits on a coconut and vanilla base.

Watermelon Lemonade

This fruity, fresh and intoxingly sweet combination is everything a summers dream is all about! Notes of watermelon, honeydew, blackberry and lemon with a sea mist and vanilla base. You'll be dreaming of those frosted fruity cocktails all summer.