Black Raspberry & Vanilla

Top notes of blackberry and raspberry with a light musk and white florals, blended with a strong, classic and clean vanilla. Black Raspberry & Vanilla a fave scent for most RL fans!

Clean Linen

A memory of fresh, clean sheets on a summer day. A soft floral and musk base, with cedar, jasmine, lavender and lily middle. Top notes of citrus and apple complete this fresh scent.

Coconut Lime

Juicy lemon and lime on a delicate creamy base of coconut an fresh florals with vanilla and sandalwood that round it out. A summer scent, but and all year round favourite with its warming coconut and vanilla notes.

Ebony + Peach

The scent of luxury. A delectable woody and fruity blend with fresh peaches and apple blossom.

Lemongrass + Persian Lime

A top seller at Ruby Lights. Natural, fresh and citrusy lemongrass mixed with zesty lime, lemon peel and soft floral tones of rosewood and jasmine.

Lychee Peony

Think exotic florals blended with the sweetness and tartness of the lychee fruit. Also noted with peach, jasmine and rosewood to fulfill the beauty of Lychee Peony.

Pink Sorbet

Fig lovers rejoice right here! A rich blend of ripe and fruity fig, kiwifruit, strawberry, green apple with a dash of vanilla and nutmeg. The new kid on the block at Ruby Lights!

Sandalwood Lavender

Unique woody yet fresh and earthy blend of sandalwood, cedar wood with a lovely lavender bouquet are the main clary sage, patchouli and rosemary on a spiced malt and vanilla base.

Sea Salted Caramel

'OMG YUM!' is the reaction from most! Sweet vanilla, maple and sea salt creamed in with smooth caramel and butter to bring you this amazing and delish frangrance. Sea Salted Caramel is a Autumn / Winter scent for Ruby Lights.
***Custom Scents are always welcome at Ruby Lights***