USB Tall Gold Aromatherapy Diffuser

USB Tall Gold Aromatherapy Diffuser

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The USB Aroma Diffuser is one of our newest additions to the RL brand. A stunning and elegant matte gold with a light woodgrain base. They sit tall and thin, fitting perfectly into your regular cup holder or space on you office desk no bigger than a pen holder! 

Ultrasonic aroma diffusers are a natural and beneficial way to add fragrance and energy to your space. Aroma diffusers produce a fine, and soft mist of water and essential oils into  These diffusers are well known to purify, ionise and humidify the air, and along with the use of essential oils to increase and improve health, energy, moods and aiding sleep too. 

 Perfect for travellers or those who only require a few hours of diffusing at a time also. Plug directly into your car socket, or laptop, or straight into a regular power point with the same typical plug you use for your phone charger. 

How they work? 

Choose a diffuser that fits your space in mind. For example- the USB Tall is the perfect size for a small room, office desk or car, whereas the Large is best suited for more open, and or larger areas like the living room, or larger bedrooms/ offices / shop spaces.  

Water and Essential oils- Add a few drops of your favourite oils to the water and get diffusing. Start with a few drops first to see how strong you want and need it though- you an always add more later. We recommend our Essential Blends or you are more than welcome to try your own favourite oils!

The USB features: 

  • 2 hours continuous running time or 4+ hours intermittently.
  • Automatically turns off when the water is low.
  • 40ml water tank which is where you also add drops of your fave essential oils! 
  • H14cm x W6cm 
  • Low power consumption

All instructions and care guides are included as well as a free essential blend from Ruby Lights to be enjoyed in your new Aromatherapy diffuser. We strongly recommend reading these instructions as they show you how to clean and maintain your diffuser in a few easy steps.